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Hello, my name is Mike Boggess. I started
Park Central Webs in Buellton back in 2001. Now located in Santa Ynez, I have been working together with a select team of local professionals to create some truly amazing websites. My experience working with individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations can help get your website project online.

I started this adventure as an IT Admin for a software company in Santa Barbara working on a hybrid Unix/Windows NT network. What I liked most was learning the Unix operating system and writing scripts to move information between the two systems as well as to their customers.

Websites were a nature transition from from my IT work and there wasn't nearly the demand for websites back then as there is today. In 2001 I left the IT world and set out on my own to create websites. Initially coding using ASP technology I created a some dynamic websites using ASP and SQL Server. A few years later I dove in to PHP and MySQL and haven't really looked back.

Today I mostly create WordPress websites and currently manage quite a few of them for my customers. I also manage a few custom websites I've created like the
City of Buellton website. I'm familiar with many third party applications and integration systems. I work with a great graphic designer Kros Andrade at Uva Design studios and we share an office in Santa Ynez.

Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email so we can talk about your project and work together to determine which is the best technology for your business.

If your website needs reorganizing and updating or if are creating a new website from scratch, please take a moment and have a look at my projects page.